Considerations for Selecting an In-Shoe Gait Analysis System

Which In-Shoe Gait Analysis System is Right for Me?

In-shoe gait analysis technology provides insights into what is occurring inside the shoe. But not all in-shoe systems are the same. There are many different types of in-shoe system out there to meet a variety of different needs.  Depending on if you are using the system to conduct research or treat patients, you might be looking for different features out of your gait system.  Below are some of the common differentiating criteria to be considered.  

F-Scan™ System

F-Scan64 2.0™ System

Tekscan’s original gait analysis system, it is the advanced in-shoe option with high resolution sensors and high scanning rates available. 

Our newest in-shoe system, provides a quick set up compact system with insights into essential gait parameters. 

f-scan in-shoe system specifications f-scan64 specifications

There are many factors that go into selecting your gait technology, but the core differences between Tekscan's two in-shoe systems is in the hardware. The chart below outlines key features in each system to help guide you to the system that will best fit your needs. 



F-Scan: Comprehensive in-shoe gait analysis system

F-Scan64 2.0: Compact, cord-free in-shoe gait analysis system

Max # of Sensels Up to 964 64
Data Connection
  • Wireless (WiFi)
  • Datalogger
  • Tethered
  • Bluetooth™
Sensor Sizes Trimmable Sensors: Ranging from Men's 24 (USA) - Smallest size Girls Size 2 6 presized sensors: Ranging from Women's size 5.5 (US) to Men's size 12.5 (US)
Sensor Options
  • Sport sensors (specially coated for durability in more dynamic testing)

  • Long handle (for use with shoes with a higher shaft height)

  • Extra large sensors (available for up men’s size 24) 

  • Standard, pre-sized sensors only
Synchronization Capabilities


Compatible with external synchronization (Video, motion capture, force plate, EMG) and other Tekscan systems 


When deciding on which system will fit your needs, consider the most important specifications to how you plan to use the product. While this list is comprehensive, it does not cover all the features included in each system. 

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