External Trigger / Synchronization Software add-on

External Trigger / Synchronization Software add-on

Coordinate the operation of other products with your Tekscan System.

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Synchronize Data Collection with Tekscan & External Systems

The External Trigger Synch software add-on feature enables users to configure a variety of system triggering capabilities of the Tekscan hardware. Using Tekscan software, systems can be configured as a slave (to respond to an external signal) or as a master (to send a signal to an external device).

Tekscan External Trigger & Synch SoftwareTekscan External Trigger & Synch Software


  • Synchronizing Tekscan data recordings with video recordings
  • Triggering and a Tekscan recording via a signal from an external device
  • Triggering and Synchronizing a Tekscan system with a third-party product, such as motion capture or an EMG system


  • For trigger input: Triggering device providing a contact closure signal
  • For trigger output & synchronization: Synchronizing device receiving CMOS level signal (0 to 3V)


Compatible Systems