Set Up Your Embedded FlexiForce™ Application for Success

Considering thin, customizable FlexiForce sensors to measure compressive forces in your device? No matter what your application may be, there are some universal considerations and general best practices  to achieve optimal performance of the FlexiForce™ sensor.

Tekscan is providing Two Free Best Practices Guides to assist design engineers in a successful integration process.  Following these recommendations during prototyping will help you to control costs, minimize design time, and achieve optimal sensor performance.

The "Best Practices in Mechanical Integration" guide provides key recommendations to consider during the prototyping phase of your OEM project, including:

  • Applying load concentrators to ensure even loading
  • Recommendations to minimize shear force and preserve sensor sensitivity
  • Methods for mounting the sensor, and more!

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The "Best Practices in Electrical Integration" guide provides key recommendations for circuitry of your embedded design. The guide covers:

  • Circuit selection
  • Sensitivity adjustment processes
  • Calibration procedure, and more!

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These best practices guides are supplements to the Official FlexiForce Integration Guide, which provides more comprehensive instructions for embedding FlexiForce sensors. Fill out the contact form on the right to download this piece.

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