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FlexiForce HT201 Sensor

FlexiForce HT201 Sensor

High temperature sensor, capable of measuring force and pressure in environments as hot as 400°F (approximately 200°C).

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FlexiForce™ HT201 Sensor

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These 3-pin sensors are capable of measuring force and pressure in environments as hot as 400°F (approximately 200°C). The HT201 measures a standard force of 222 N (50 lb), with a maximum force of 2,224 N (500 lb)

The dynamic range of this versatile force sensor can be modified by changing the drive voltage and adjusting the resistance of the feedback resistor (see "How to Adjust the Force Range" within the Electronics tab on the left).

HT201 Sensor Resistance and Conductance vs. Force

Specifications & Performance

Force Sensor Length: 
7.50 in
6.00 in
4.00 in
2.00 in
Sensing Size (Diameter/Width): 
0.375 in
Standard Force: 
50 lbs
Temperature Range (Low): 
-40 F
Temperature Range (High): 
400 F

Ideal for high temperature applications

Typical Performance

Linearity (Error): < ±3% of Full Scale††

Repeatability: < ±3.5% 

Hysteresis: < 3.6 of Full Scale

Drift: < 3.3 per log time

Temperature Range: -40°C - 204°C (-40°F - 400°F)

Output Change/Degree F: 0.16%

Acceptance Criteria: ±40% sensor-to-sensor variation

All data above was collected utilizing an Op Amp Circuit. If your application cannot allow an Op Amp Circuit, consult the FlexiForce Integration Guide, or contact a FlexiForce Applications Engineer. Specifications based on pressures up to 500 psi and represent the average value throughout a range of temperatures up to 400°F.

††Linearity up to 889N (200 lb)


Tekscan Recommends Using an Op Amp Circuit

If your application cannot allow an Op Amp Circuit, consult the FlexiForce Integration Guide, or contact a FlexiForce Applications Engineer. If you prefer to build your own electronics, we recommend using a circuit similar to the diagram below. This will provide linear data, making it easier to calibrate the sensor.

HT201 circuit diagram

How to Adjust the Force Range:

*In order to measure higher forces, apply a lower drive voltage (-0.5 V, -0.25 V, etc.) and reduce the resistance of the feedback resistor (1kΩ min.) To measure lower forces, apply a higher drive voltage and increase the resistance of the feedback resistor.

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