FlexiForce HT201

FlexiForce HT201 Sensor

High temperature sensor capable of measuring force and pressure in environments as hot as 400°F (approximately 200°C).

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FlexiForce™ HT201 Sensor

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These 3-pin sensors are capable of measuring force and pressure in environments as hot as 400°F (approximately 200°C). The HT201 measures a standard force of 222 N (50 lb), with a maximum force of 2,224 N (500 lb)*

These ultra-thin, high-temp sensors are ideal for non-intrusive force and pressure measurement in a variety of processing applications, including injection molding, heat sealing, and heat sink applications. Industries that will benefit from such high-temperature force measurements include automotive, aerospace, pharmaceutical, printing, food and beverage processing, and many more.

How to Adjust the Force Range:

*In order to measure forces outside of specified ranges, use recommended circuit and adjust drive voltage and/or reference resistance. For an alternative to the recommended circuit, see the Related Electronics tab.

Recommended CircuitRecommended Circuit

HT201 Sensor Resistance and Conductance vs. Force

Typical Performance

Linearity (Error): < ±3% of Full Scale††

Repeatability: < ±3.5% 

Hysteresis: < 3.6 of Full Scale

Drift: < 3.3 per log time

Temperature Range: -40°C - 204°C (-40°F - 400°F)

Output Change/Degree F: 0.16%

Acceptance Criteria: ±40% sensor-to-sensor variation

All data above was collected utilizing an Op Amp Circuit. If your application cannot allow an Op Amp Circuit, consult the FlexiForce Integration Guide, or contact a FlexiForce Applications Engineer. Specifications based on pressures up to 500 psi and represent the average value throughout a range of temperatures up to 400°F.

††Linearity up to 889N (200 lb)


Force Sensor Length: 
7.50 in
6.00 in
4.00 in
2.00 in
Sensing Size (Diameter/Width): 
0.375 in
Standard Force: 
50 lbs
Temperature Range (Low): 
-40 F
Temperature Range (High): 
400 F

Ideal for high temperature applications