Force Sensors for Design Rev3

Force Sensors for Design

What to consider when selecting sensors and suppliers

Download a free e-Book and learn more about selecting a thin, low-power, low-cost force sensor for seamless integration and sleeker designs.

Working on a new device design that requires compact force sensing? Download this free eBook for insights on the various force sensing technologies and how to select a sensor and supplier to suit your product and support requirements.

eBook Topics Include:

  • Comparison of various force sensing technologies such as load cells, piezoresistive, and capacitive sensors.
  • Discussion of issues including power consumption, size, cost, and durability.
  • The background of thin and flexible tactile sensors.
  • Real-life examples of how thin and flexible tactile force sensors have contributed to the success of OEMs in a variety of applications and industries.
  • What to consider in choosing a technology partner, including engineering support, customization, and manufacturing capabilities.

eBook: Force Sensors for Design

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