Meet Our Standard Sensors Starting Lineup

It's an exciting time of year to be a sports fan. The Major League Baseball season is in full swing, the NBA and NHL playoffs are coming down to the wire, and NFL training camps will be here before we know it. Fans around the country are locked in to their home teams with championships on their minds.

Considering the time of year, we feel it would be fitting to familiarize you with our home team of FlexiForce™ standard sensors, whose diverse capabilities and successful track record turn embedded force-sensing applications into true champions.

As you read onward, keep in mind that discounts are available with high volume purchases on sensors. Please contact us about volume discounts and custom sensors.

Without further ado, here's our starting lineup!

Sensor Type Scouting Report


  • Small in size (3.8 mm sensing diameter), but deceptively strong (can measure up to 18 N (10 lbs))
  • A key role player; desirable for integrating into many types of OEM applications

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  • A big fan favorite through & through - Tekscan's most popular standard sensor
  • Very flexible in any position with a 9.7 mm sensing area
  • Available in two standard force ranges:
  • Medium 111 N (0-25 lb)
  • High 445 N (0-100 lb)
  • A great fit for most projects, as its long traces can be trimmed to meet the needs of any application

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  • This one really brings the heat - capable of measuring force and pressure in environments as hot as 200°C (400°F)
  • HT201 is available in different at a force range or 0-225N (0-50 lb)

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  • The prototypical sensor size for your prototype - its 9.7 mm sensing area fits the needs of most applications
  • Always ready in the clutch; optimized for high-volume manufacturing for embedding into products and applications
    • Low 4.4 N (0-1 lb)
    • Medium 111 N (0-25 lb)
    • High 445 N (0-100 lb)

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  • Has an advanced skillset made possible by Tekscan's Enhanced Stability Series (ESS) pressure sensitive ink
  • Comes to play no matter what the conditions are - ideal for applications where high temperature (up to 85°C (185°F)) and high humidity can be game changers

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  • Great balance of size and power - features a large sensing area of 25.4 mm (1 in) requiring only simple electronics to operate
  • Provides solid standard force at 111 N (0-25 lb)

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  • A true "Big Man" that design engineers can really build around
  • Extra-large 50.8 mm X 50.88 mm (2 in X 2 in) sensing area matched with superior strength at a standard force range of 0-222 N (0-50 lb)
  • Plays well in small roles, too – this model is linear through a much lower force range of 0-22 N (0-5 lb)

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