Flexiforce Integration - Phase 5: Final Embedded Design & Transfer to Production


6 Phases of Sensor Integration Blog Series

This article is the fifth in a series documenting a design team’s experience in designing FlexiForce sensors into a medical device to detect occlusion within the pump mechanism. At this point, the team has already addressed the following phases of force sensor integration:

  1. Sensor Characterization
  2. Proof of Concept
  3. Prototyping
  4. Field Testing 

Thanks to their diligence in each of the above phases, the team is confident that the design will function as intended across the expected lifecycle of the product, and they have secured regulatory approval. Now they are ready to finalize the embedded design and move it to production.

 Clearly Documenting Procedures Ensures Efficiency in Production

It is imperative to consider efficiency of execution in mass production, so the design team worked closely with the manufacturing team to account for important nuances of the sensor integration process and to ensure repeatability of the steps.

In this case, the specifications included calibration/recalibration routines and procedures for sensitivity adjustment plus other variables.

Here is an example of the calibration walk-through that the design team documented:


Transfer Design to Production

Now the design is ready to be transferred to production, the manufacturing process for the mass population of consumers/end users. At this point, the integration process is complete.  Should any challenges arise in this final phase that could impact design, the team has already gathered solid data in previous phases using FlexiForce OEM Development Products, so they have a baseline to reference, which will help streamline the process.

Interested in sharing a complete package of the team’s entire experience, from proof of concept through final design, with your own team? Download the 6 Phases of Sensor Integration.


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