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Identify hidden asymmetries with weight bearing information.Identify hidden asymmetries with weight bearing information.Integrate technology that provides objective and quantitative information for balance and concussion assessments.

SportsAT™ includes all the essential tools to evaluate, rehab and assess balance within one software. Comparison reports make it easy to evalute pre/post results and the effectiveness of rehabilitation.

  • Identify asymmetries with weight bearing information
  • Rehab with built in balance trainer
  • Assess lower limb injury risk

Automated Concussion Assessments

Get objective and reliable baseline / post-concussion assessments through automation of the following protocols:Automated BESS test module provides a timeline which displays when errors occur.Automated BESS test module provides a timeline which displays when errors occur.

  • Balance Error Scoring System (BESS) - User-friendly baseline and post-injury comparison evaluations.
  • Sports Concussion Assessment Tool - 3rd Edition (SCAT3™) - from the Concussion in Sports Group (CIGS) to evaluate injured athletes for concussion and collect post-event neurocognitive data.


Sports AT


Portable Lower Extremity Assessment Tool

SportsAT software is paired with the MobileMat™, a portable pressure measurement mat.

This light-weight and durable mat can easily be transported for assessments anywhere and requires minimal set-up time.

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