Analyze Foot Function with Pressure Mapping

Tekscan offers a broad range of easy-to-use and proven tools for assessing foot function through force and pressure distribution analysis. Unique insights on foot function from these systems help clinicians determine the root cause of problems in the lower extremities.

Tekscan software allows you to segment the foot for a more detailed foot function analysis.Tekscan software allows you to segment the foot for a more detailed foot function analysis.

Whether you choose our F-Scan™ in-shoe analysis system, Strideway™ platform or a pressure measurement mat, you can be confident that you are always receiving objective and actionable information to address and treat foot function abnormalities. Tekscan's foot function analysis systems provide insights to help you:

  • Identify asymmetries between the left and right foot
  • Monitor the effectiveness of treatments
  • Easily compare pre and post treatments with automated reporting
  • Educate patients about their pathologies with visual biofeedback
  • Identify plantar pressure profile discrepancies between left and right feet

Importance of Lower Limb Biomechanics

An understanding of lower limb biomechanics is essential to providing optimal treatment for foot function abnormalities. Join Norman Murphy, PhD., for a review of lower limb biomechanics in the webinar, Introduction to Foot Function & Gait Analysis.

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Pressure Mapping Systems for Foot Function

Tekscan has several different configurations of in-shoe analysis and pressure platform systems to help you evaluate foot function. Learn more about the different options available.



Read case studies to see how clinicians use Tekscan pressure measurement systems to enhance their foot function assessments.

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Numerous articles have been published on analyzing foot function using a Tekscan system. Tekscan has compiled a list of these research publications in our Medical Bibliography.

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How Pressure Mapping Enhances Your Gait Analysis & Treatment Outcomes

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