Objective, Reliable Balance and Concussion Assessments

Tekscan's SportsAT™ Software provides all of the information necessary to perform complete balance and concussion assessments and is compatible with a variety of mat platforms.

Balance Assessments:

  • Assess and rehab balance issues
  • Identify chronic ankle instabilities
  • Observe stability through CoF movement
  • Evaluate asymmetries with weight distribution
Rehabilitate with Balance Compass™.Rehabilitate with Balance Compass™.

Concussion Assessments:

  • Automated Baseline and Return-to-Play assessments with important protocols:
    • Balance Error Scoring System (BESS)
    • Sports Concussion Assessment Tool – 3rd Edition (SCAT3™)
Automated BESS Test for Baseline and Concussion Testing.Automated BESS Test for Baseline and Concussion Testing.

Research, Identify, Analyze, Document Human Sway and Postural Stability

The data collected from Tekscan's Sway Analysis Module™ (SAM™) can be used to improve a subject's balance, increase their agility, develop muscle tone and treat a wide variety of pathologies. SAM runs with a wide variety of chosen mat platforms.

  • Monitor the progress of foot function & body sway during treatments
  • Assess the human body’s ability to maintain equilibrium while standing
  • Immediately detect asymmetries with weight bearing
  • Uncover underlying dysfunctions such as musculoskeletal and neurological problems
  • Use as a training tool to provide real-time visual feedback

Easily identify asymmetries in weight bearing.Easily identify asymmetries in weight bearing.

Products & Solutions

Software to Analyze Sway, Balance & Posture

Compatible Platforms

The follow platforms can be used to assess balance, sway and postural stability.



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Numerous articles have been published regarding sway, posture and balance assessment using Tekscan's pressure measurement platforms. Tekscan has compiled a list of these research publications in our in our Medical Bibliography.

Balance & Stability Resources

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