Tactile Pressure Sensor Solutions

Reveal contact pressure distribution with a tactile pressure sensor

A tactile sensor is a device that measures the force and pressure applied between the sensor and an object.

While there are diverse types and uses of pressure sensors, Tekscan specializes in ultra thin, flexible pressure sensors.

Tekscan's tactile pressure sensors are renowned worldwide for their extremely high resolution and thinness (0.1 mm or 0.004 in) and have been used in an impressive array of applications and industries - both as a test & measurement tool and embedded sensing component.

With a Tekscan tactile sensor you can:

  • Measure contact pressure distribution in product design or manufacturing
  • Verify forces and peak pressures between two components
  • Measure external forces
  • Verify calibration of machinery in setup or maintenance
  • Improve repeatability of processes
  • Improve quality inspection & control processes
  • Conduct clinical evaluation or research
Thin, flexible tactile pressure sensor made by TekscanThin, flexible tactile pressure sensor made by Tekscan

Thin, Tactile Sensor Technology

Our tactile sensors are composed of two thin, flexible substrates that have electrically conductive materials deposited in rows and columns. A layer of pressure-sensitive material is applied to the inner surface of each of the intersecting conductive layers.

The resulting intersection of these rows and columns creates a grid of sensing elements, also called a pressure sensing array.

The sensor is then installed between two mating surfaces and the matrix of cells returns the pressure distribution between the two surfaces through the use of sophisticated scanning electronics and software.

Tekscan sensors:

  • Are extremely thin at 0.1 mm (0.004 in)
  • Are flexible and conformable to many surfaces
  • Can measure up to 172,369 kPa (25,000 psi)
  • Can measure as many as 248 points in a single square centimeter for extremely fine resolution
  • Can cover a total area up to 1,600 cm2 (256 in2)
    • Combine sensors via our Virtual Sensor Array (VSA™) technology for even greater coverage area

Thin, tactile pressure sensor

This brief video below outlines how our sensors are made and how they work:

Sample Tactile Pressure Sensor Applications

Our pressure sensors have been used in a wide variety of applications in diverse industries and we are constantly amazed by requests for new uses of our technology.

Below is a table showing some of our 200+ standard pressure sensors in typical applications with associated 2D or 3D pressure mapping data visualizations:

Medical Device Design

Pressure Sensor 5051Pressure Sensor 5051

To determine if the proper amount of insulin is being delivered, a sensor is placed between the roller and plastic tube of an insulin pump.

Foot Function & Gait

Pressure Sensor 3000Pressure Sensor 3000

In-shoe sensors are used to design and test orthotics, offload diabetic feet, and evaluate footwear and techniques in elite athletes.

Nip Roller Impressions

Pressure Sensor 5555Pressure Sensor 5555

Sensors are placed between rollers to measure nip force and width at locations along the axis at various hydraulic pressures.

Tire Footprint

Pressure Sensor 7202Pressure Sensor 7202

Large, high resolution tire footprints are taken to understand what is happening to a tire while it is in motion.

Door Seal Pressure

Pressure Sensor 6300Pressure Sensor 6300

A pressure sensor is used to help automotive manufacturers optimize seal pressure and deflection around the door frame.

Impact Testing

Pressure Sensor 9550Pressure Sensor 9550

Sensors capture the dynamic pressure and force that are exerted during an impact such as high-speed crash tests or drop tests.

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