FootMat Software for Researchers

FootMat Software for Researchers

Accurate and reliable pressure data for studying foot function and gait.

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FootMat™ Software for Researchers uses Tekscan's pressure measurement platforms to collect accurate and reliable pressure data for analyzing foot function and gait. Perform a complete foot analysis by capturing static pressure data or dynamic pressure data of multiple steps for gait assessments.

Research validated system for accurate and consistent data

  • Calibrate the platforms specifically to meet your needs, there is no need to send the system back to the factory for calibration
  • Pressure Measurement platform is used by leading researchers around the world
  • Focused software for foot function and gait analysis

Unrestricted data analysis

  • Data export capabilities for a more detailed analysis include Excel, ASCII, MATLAB
  • Evaluate data in frame by frame, single or multi-stance phase modes

Compatible with gait lab technology

  • Synchronize with external systems like motion capture, EMG and force plates for a more complete picture
  • Remote triggering option allows you to synchronize the start and stop of data collection with Tekscan and other gait lab systems

Save time in analysis with automation of specific protocols

  • 3-Box analysis: Segment the foot into three regions for deeper analysis
  • Peak pressure analysis: Identifies and quantifies peak pressures


Accurate and Reliable Data Collection with Tekscan's Pressure Measurement Platforms

FootMat™ Software uses Tekscan’s pressure measurement platforms to collect accurate and reliable pressure data for studying foot function and gait. The software runs on the following pressure measurement mats


  • Consists of the low profile pressure measurement mats that made Tekscan a world leader in mat systems. Depending on your clinical, research or retail needs there are ClassicMat options available to you.


  • Our newest mat offering, available in standard resolution. The durable platform and enclosed electronics make these mat options highly portable with minimal set up time.


Optimize Data Analysis

FootMat™ Software for Researchers provides accurate pressure data for studying foot function and gait with added features specific to research applications.

Key software features include:

  • Automated analysis & report generation
  • Ability to segment areas of the foot for a more detailed analysis
  • 2D and 3D display for real-time and recorded data
  • Display pressure and force curves over time
  • Side-by-side comparisons of pre- and post-treatment conditions
  • Graph for force-time integrals (Impulse)
  • Frame by frame, single, and multi-stance phase displays
  • Import and export client movie files
  • Display the center of force and its trajectory
  • Analyze data for asymmetries in pressure distribution, deviations in the center of force trajectory and weight bearing
  • Foot function parameter tables display information on contact time, loading and off-loading rates, center of force (CoF) velocity information for an in-depth analysis

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All Tekscan software works with current Windows based operating systems. To view the complete computer requirements click here.

The software is available in several languages including Spanish, French and German. View software languages available.


Versatile Applications

  • Identify plantar pressure profile asymmetries between left and right feet
  • Perform in-depth analysis of foot function
  • Review dynamic weight transfer and local pressure concentrations
  • Identify asymmetries during stance phase
  • Study peak pressures on the plantar surface
  • Evaluate center of force (CoF) movement
  • Evaluate biomechanical pivot phases of the foot (heel, ankle, forefoot)

Numerous articles have been published using our systems for foot function and gait analysis. Tekscan has compiled a list of these research publications in our Medical Bibliography.