Pressure Mapping

Evaluate pressure data to assist with product design, manufacturing, quality, and much more

Pressure mapping technology quantifies the interface pressure between virtually any two contacting surfaces.

A pressure mapping system, composed of data acquisition electronics, software, and a pressure mapping sensor, provides not only critical contact data for deep analysis but also an insightful, real-time visual representation of the data.

The load placed on a pressure mapping sensor passes through scanning electronics, returning real-time data and insightful visualizationsThe load placed on a pressure mapping sensor passes through scanning electronics, returning real-time data and insightful visualizations

The actionable information can help you analyze pressure profiles, assisting you with product design and testing, process improvement, improving clinical and research outcomes or almost any imaginable use of the technology.

The Pressure Mapping Sensor

At the heart of our technology is a thin-film pressure mapping sensor.

Our ultra-thin, flexible sensors are available in a wide range of shapes, sizes, spatial resolutions, heat tolerances, and pressure ranges.

At 0.1 mm (0.004 in), the thinness of these sensors is unparalleled in the industry allowing for the truest interface pressure mapping possible, enabling you to conduct extremely detailed analysis of pressure data, including peak pressure and center of force.

A variety of pressure mapping sensors with inset showing sensor flexibilityA variety of pressure mapping sensors with inset showing sensor flexibility

Outside of our 200+ standard sensors for common applications, we can also manufacture to your custom specifications.

Pressure Mapping System Options

Couple data acquisition electronics and software to our sensors and you now have the primary components of a powerful pressure mapping system. Our offerings span almost limitless applications.

We offer a general purpose system that suits most applications called the I-Scan™. The I-Scan, our core product, is a versatile pressure mapping tool that comes in tethered or wireless configurations, has high speed scanning capabilities, and can be modularized and extended with software or hardware add-ons. Almost any of our sensors can be used with this system.

Some of the many possible insights provided by this system include:

  • Understanding pressure distribution in product design
  • Verifying forces and peak pressures between two components
  • Measuring external forces
  • Reducing failures & associated costs

The I-Scan: Tekscan's flagship pressure mapping system (tablet not included)The I-Scan: Tekscan's flagship pressure mapping system (tablet not included)

  • Verifying calibration of machinery in setup or maintenance
  • Improving repeatability of processes
  • Reducing downtime & improve yields
  • Improving quality inspection & control processes

Learn more about the I-Scan

Beyond the I-Scan, we manufacture specialized pressure mapping systems in specific niches. These include:

Body Pressure Mapping for Bedding, Cushion, and Seating Tactile Grip Pressure Mapping Nip Roll Uniformity and Pressure Measurement In-Depth Tire Tread Analysis
In-Shoe Pressure Mapping for Human Gait Analysis Plantar Pressure Mapping for Human or Animal Gait Analysis Digital Occlusal Analysis Wiper Blade Force Profile and Interface Pressure

How are Engineers, Designers, and Researchers using Pressure Mapping Technology?

pressure mapping uses in research and development

This eBook titled "Pressure Mapping as a Research & Development Tool" shares several real-world applications for pressure mapping to help solve product design challenges and improve manufacturing procedures.

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