Objective Balance Assessment Systems

Get more accurate outcomes with Tekscan's balance assessment tools.

Our mat systems balance and sway data are validated by research. According to Brenton-Rule, et. al., using one of our automated systems reduces the rater error, 'due to postural sway values being captured by the measuring system and not the examiner, rater error and bias, which may be present in non-computerized tools, such as the swaymeter, was minimized'.1

Whether you are looking to perform a static balance test, dynamic weight distribution, or evaluate balance related to sports or fall risk we have a solution for you. Our balance assessment equipment and tools allow you to:

Instantly Obtain Weight Bearing Information

  • View and analyze force and pressure profiles
  • Immediately identify asymmetries
  • Assess balance & fall or injury risk

Monitor Progress During Treatments

  • Document and assess pre/post conditions with objective data
  • Use as a training tool to provide real-time visual feedback
  • Measure treatment outcomes

Quickly & easily evaluate stability with instant weight bearing insights.Quickly & easily evaluate stability with instant weight bearing insights.

There are several mat options and software solutions to choose from depending on your application.


Portable and light-weight solution ideal for many environments

The MobileMat - a standard resolution pressure matThe MobileMat - a standard resolution pressure mat

MobileMat is our standard resolution pressure mat. With software, capture and evaluate static and dynamic foot function, profile anatomical landmarks, assess postural stability, and perform balance and sway analysis.

  • Stylish, lightweight, and low profile

  • Portable and durable with virtually no set up time

  • Quick and easy with USB connection

SB Mat™

Large, durable platform ideal for athletic assessments

The SB Mat, ideal for athletic performance assessmentsThe SB Mat, ideal for athletic performance assessments

The SB Mat is our wider, more durable pressure mat for sports performance assessments. SB Mat software allows you to gather quantitative data needed to make return-to-sport decisions, assess injury risk, and track progress over time.

  • Durable, thin, portable platform the size of two force plates

  • Large surface area accommodates functional movements like lunges and squats

  • Collect data anywhere at any time in just a few minutes

Best in Class Balance Assessment Software

Choose from a selection of software that can be used to improve a subject’s balance, increase their agility, develop muscle tone and treat a wide variety of pathologies.

Balance Assessment

Weight distribution before and after treatment using SportsATWeight distribution before and after treatment using SportsAT

Our SportsAT™ software encompasses all of the tools needed for complete balance assessment.

  • Use the Balance Compass™ for balance training and screening
  • Objectively assess stability through Center of Force (CoF) movement and velocities
  • Easily identify asymmetries through weight distribution
  • Perform concussion assessments using standardized protocols like the Balance Error Scoring System (BESS) and Sports Concussion Assessment Tool (SCAT3™)
  • Evaluate chronic ankle instabilities with the time-to-boundary calculation

Sway & Stability Analysis

Easily capture detailed insights into the area of sway and Center of Force (CoF) Movement.Easily capture detailed insights into the area of sway and Center of Force (CoF) Movement.

Tekscan's Sway Analysis Module™ (SAM) is the ideal tool to analyze sway and assess postural stability by detecting and measuring key stability parameters. By evaluating the Center of Force (CoF) motion and area of sway, uncover underlying dysfunctions:

  • Monitor the progress of foot function & body sway during treatments
  • Assess the human body's ability to maintain equilibrium while standing
  • Immediately detect asymmetries with weight bearing
  • Uncover underlying dysfunctions
  • Get insights into stability and monitor for improvements with area and distance of sway in the elipse

Used by Top Researchers and Clinicians Across the Globe

Our medical systems for researchers and clinicians are used in over 90 countries

We use the Tekscan MobileMat with SportsAT exclusively with all of our research projects that involve a balance assessment component.

- Thomas Kaminski, PhD, ATC, FNATA, FACSM, RFSA, Director of Athletic Training Education at University of Delaware

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Medical Bibliography

Clinical and Research Bibliography

1. Brenton-Rule, A., et. al. 2012. 'Reliability of the Tekscan MatScan Systems for the Measurement of Postural Stability in Older People with Rheumatoid Arthritis.' Journal of Foot and Ankle Research (August).