Keep Your Athletes in Peak Condition with Quantitative Pressure Measurement Data

Drive return-to-play decisions with actionable data.

Athletes across the country are already powering full-steam ahead into their respective seasons, and when debilitating injuries take hold, you are often the first line of defense.

Both you and your patients are aware of how precious time can be when the goal is to return to sport. Release an athlete too soon and injuries could have long-term impacts on the player's ability to perform, keep an athlete in treatment for too long and an entire sports season could be compromised.

You're stuck between a rock and a hard place, or at least it can feel that way. The solution: drive your decisions with objective, actionable data.

To improve sports performance and/or to return players to peak performance, clinicians should consider adopting pressure measurement systems designed to provide accurate, reliable data and biomechanical insight.

Woman doing a squat

With Tekscan's assessment systems, you can capture baseline data from an athlete to develop targeted training programs focused on potential areas at risk for injury. These pressure measurement solutions can help you collect objective data for functional tests like, squatting, take-off assessments or lunging. Get insights into bilateral asymmetries and how an athlete is functioning to evaluate injury risk, and ultimately make the best decisions for your athletes on and off the field.

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