New Opportunities Forged at Pack Expo East '17

Pack Expo East

If there was one takeaway from this year's Pack Expo East, it's that the packaging industry is alive and doing very well. Over 7,000 made the trip to the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia, PA from Feb. 27 to March 1, 2017 to network and discover new ways to advance their packaging operations. From medical supplies to chemical/household cleaning products, most key packaging industries were well-represented at the three-day event.

Face-to-face contact has always been a major source for new pressure mapping ideas and applications. According to Jack Albani, Eastern U.S. Pressure Mapping Sales Manager for Tekscan, Pack Expo East provided new opportunities for pressure mapping technology to streamline or enhance many types of packaging processes.

"We had a very busy show and had a lot of interesting conversations, both with show attendees and members from some of the exhibiting companies," says Albani. "There were a significant number of R&D engineers we spoke to that saw immediate value of pressure mapping technology. We came away feeling like we have some good partnerships on the horizon."

For those who couldn't attend, here are just a few of the applications we can provide for the packaging industry:

Securing Sealing Bar Standards

A proper seal on any package is very important for product quality, consistency, and safety for the end user. Pressure mapping technology helps the operator identify dynamic pressure changes whenever sealing bar alignment adjustments are made. Click here to learn more about this application.

Taking this maintenance tool concept one step further, pressure mapping technology can also be embedded as an application into the sealing bar system itself, where the operator can make timely alignment adjustments on the fly.

Confirming Nip Roll Alignment

Pressure mapping technology has an application anywhere nip rolls are part of a manufacturing process. A precise nip-pinch or crown is never something that can be left up to chance.

The Nip Pressure Alignment Tool™ (NPAT™) is a fast and simple way to acquire real-time nip pinch alignment data. Operators that use this tool can develop stronger standards for their manufacturing operation, which can go a long way to prove the quality of an applied adhesive, a lamination process, and many other uses.

Safer Shipping Containment

When shipping products - especially suspended materials like liquids or semisolids - strong and sturdy packaging is important to prevent potential disasters. Pressure mapping technology can be used to help improve product packaging by exposing peak pressure distributions that occur when contents shift during shipping. R&D engineers can use this data to augment their packaging design.

We're Here to Support Your Industry

"Packaging judged by its ability to withstand internal or external contact pressures, which is why the packaging industry is such an important market for us," says Scott Pickett, Inside Sales Engineer for Tekscan.

Pressure mapping technology can go a long way in helping product manufacturers, packaging machinery developers, and educational groups learn more about packaging processes and address key needs for customers or consumers.

Thanks for a great show, Pack Expo East! We'll see you next year.