Tekscan's SportsAT Software: Invest in Versatility

New technology can be a big investment for athletic trainers, team physicians, and physical therapists. You want to use the best assessment tools available to provide accurate diagnoses and action plans, but you also have to consider the costs and return on investment (ROI). It can feel risky to invest money in singular tools, but SportsAT™ Software provides versatility to increase value.

When paired with Tekscan’s MobileMAT™, SportsAT can help you assess several different issues in one platform.

Better Balance Essentials

Use balance trainer to assist in athletic rehabUse balance trainer to assist in athletic rehab

  • Observe weight distribution and identify asymmetries
  • Evaluate ankle stability issues with Time-to-Boundary (TTB) measurement
  • Use the Balance Compass™ to monitor patient progress
  • Compare pre- and post-rehabilitation assessments
  • Generate on-demand reports in PDF format

Concussion Assessments

  • SportsAT software automates a set of standardized test protocols
  • Balance Error Scoring System (BESS) developed by UNC researchers for objective baseline and post-concussion testing
  • Sport Concussion Assessment Tool – 3rd edition (SCAT3™) developed by the Concussion in Sports Group (CISG) to evaluate injured athletes
  • Easy-to-use interface with no clinical expertise needed
  • One-time purchase and unlimited testing with results stored in a centralized database

This set of tools can be particularly valuable in working with athletes to assess injuries and injury risk, and to develop return-to-sport plans. Watch the video below to see how SportsAT can add an accurate and versatile tool to your practice, setting you apart and increasing revenue opportunities. You can also find a full description of the software HERE.

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