Cycle of Care: Pressure Mapping

Pressure Mapping: Prevent Ulcer Incidence and Promote Healing

Pressure mapping allows clinicians to redistribute pressure from at-risk areas and evaluate treatments.

There’s a reason why the most prestigious institutions and respected clinicians in the world use Tekscan's pressure sensing technology - they get the desired results! Tekscan technology senses what the patient cannot feel and what the clinician can't see. Tekscan systems give real-time feedback to relieve areas of highly concentrated pressure, whether it’s a potential ulcer, spinal cord injury or prosthetic. Pressure mapping allows clinicians to redistribute pressure from at-risk areas and this quantifiable, visual feedback is extremely valuable for patient education to increase compliance and documentation.

Wound Care Floot Mat

Screen High Risk Patients

FootMat™ Software for Clinicians is ideal for use as a quick screening tool for at risk patients so you can screen areas for potential ulcers, display peak pressure profiles and contact area, and generate comprehensive reports.

Wound Care In Shoe

Offload Existing Ulcers

F-Scan™ allows you to easily prescribe evidence-based orthotics by confirming the orthotic successfully redistributed high pressure in diabetic foot ulcer cases.

Wound Care for Seating and Positioning

Seating & Positioning

The CONFORMat™ and BPMS™ systems enable you to assess the relationship between the body and support surfaces with quantifiable data to ensure optimal seating or positioning.

Wound Care Prosthetic Fit

Prosthetic Design & Fit

The F-Socket™ System helps improve design, fit, and function of prostheses through better knowledge of the pressure distribution and load within the prosthetic socket interface.