Interface Pressure Analysis for Medical Devices

Manufacturers and researchers continuously strive to validate or improve efficiency and accuracy of medical devices and precision tools. Whether evaluating the effectiveness of a surgical apparatus or ensuring the fit of a health-monitoring device, contact pressure distribution plays a critical role. Interface pressure data can be instrumental to the safety and accuracy of various medical procedures.

  • Testing & design validation
    • Optimize product performance
    • Ensure safety
  • R&D for new product design
    • Improve design
  • Comfort/fit evaluation
    • Improve ergonomics
Laparoscopic Surgical Gripper ToolLaparoscopic Surgical Gripper Tool
Cardiac Prosthetic AttachmentCardiac Prosthetic Attachment Human Knee Joint ImplantHuman Knee Joint Implant
Surgical Tourniquet Cuff (arm)Surgical Tourniquet Cuff (arm) Peristaltic Insulin PumpPeristaltic Insulin Pump


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