Tactile Sensor Solutions from Tekscan

A tactile sensor or system is an ideal solution when the contact pressure or force between two surfaces needs to be measured. A Tekscan tactile sensor can withstand high temperatures and extremely high pressures, while its ultra-thin, durable construction allows it to be easily integrated into other products.

Tactile Sensor Applications

A tactile sensor or system from Tekscan can provide valuable data on contact pressures in a wide array of applications including automotive, ergonomics, and medical devices.

Tactile Sensors for Automotive Applications

Tactile Sensors for Automotive Applications

Use a tactile sensor system to capture tire footprints for various passenger and truck tires.

Tactile Sensors for Grip Pressure Measurement

Tactile Sensors for Grip Applications

Measure pressure distribution on different parts of the hand and fingers to improve product design.

Embed a Custom Force Sensor into Your Product

Tactile Sensors for Product development

Embed a tactile sensor into your product.

Tactile Sensors for Robotics

tactile sensors for robotics

Give robots a sense of touch with tactile sensors.

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