Tire Tread Analysis

The TireScan VersaTek™ systems are a family of products used to capture tire footprint pressure patterns. Tire footprints can be captured statically or dynamically and are displayed as high resolution, multi-colored images of the tire contact pressure pattern. Modular ruggedized electronics and base plates can be configured with sensor models to measure various tire sizes. The system's intuitive, application-specific graphing and image analysis software enables quantitative and qualitative analysis of the tire footprint.

Key Features:

  • Dynamic recording and playback
  • Graphing and data analysis capabilities
  • Quick and easy generation of custom reports
  • Durable & reusable sensors
  • Thin & incompressible - dimensional stability is key for repeatable measurements
  • Fast testing procedure. No ink, paper, or scanning 

Map footprint in static or dynamic applications

Static Load

Static Load

Dynamic Rolling

Dynamic Rolling (portable for track testing)

Key Applications Include:

  • Tire footprint pressure pattern evaluation
  • Analyze various tire compounds and tread designs
  • Assess suspension and camber
  • Sipe and tread block design and testing
  • Road surface predictive wear studies
  • Tire mold adjustment
  • Race vehicle "set-up"
  • Manufacturing quality assurance
  • Competitive benchmarking

There have been a number of research projects conducted where Tekscan's pressure measurement technology has played a crucial role. To view the list of these research studies:

Download the bibliography for Pressure Mapping Applications.

General Sensor Specifications:

Sensor Technology



± 5%

Pressure Range

0-4,100 kPa (0-600psi)


0.2mm (0.008 in.) Not compressible

TireScan VersaTek System Configurations

The TireScan™ VersaTek™ system offers configuration options for passenger, bus, small trucks, aircraft, and agricultural vehicles. See the 2 configurations below:

Large Vehicle Configuration
Passenger Vehicle Configuration

Aircraft, Agricultural, Truck, and Bus


The Ruggedized TireScan system includes:


Passenger, Bus, & Small Truck


The Ruggedized TireScan system includes:

  • VersaTek ruggedized data acquisition electronic enclosures
  • VersaTek 8-Port Hub
  • Leading and trailing drive plates that provide a smooth ride across the sensor
  • Equilibration Device

Components depend on system configuration.  Additional items may be included with your system purchase.

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