The Trigger Transmitter (TT-1) and Trigger Receiver (TR-1) add remote triggering capability to Wireless and Datalogger systems, allowing users to control recordings from a distance and synchronize the start and stop of data collection with other devices, such as EMG and motion capture systems.

Flexible Triggering

  • Triggers on positive or negative voltage transitions
  • Up to 2 Wireless or Datalogger Units can be triggered from a single trigger source via the TT-1

Fast, reliable frame-by-frame triggering for frame congruence

  • Maximum frame trigger rates of up to 240 Hz with Datalogger and up to 100 Hz with Wireless
  • Automatic frame recovery

Convenient and compact

  • Small, durable plastic casing
  • Custom TR-1 pouch neatly attaches to Wireless/Datalogger belt

See the Full Picture

Get a complete picture of function, through the ability to synchronize external technology with the TT-1 and TR-1. Analyze the relationship between muscle activity with EMG and plantar pressure distribution.

Trigger Synch Diagram

EMG data with plantar pressure and force vs time curves

Compatible Systems

R&D / Product Design


Measure and analyze interface pressure between any two surfaces.

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Grip System

Quantify forces applied by the human hand while grasping objects.

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Medical Treatment / Clinical Research 


Ultra-thin, in-shoe sensors capture timing & pressure information for foot function & gait analysis.

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Enables improved design, fit, and function of prosthetics.

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Hoof SystemProvides pressure data for the analysis, interpretation, and treatment of equine or large animal gait and ambulatory function.

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Software Requirements

Remote triggering capability requires Research Software version 6.70 or higher, or Clinical software version 6.70 with the External Trigger software feature add-on. FCC and CE versions available.

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