The ability to save data to ASCII is one of the additional features of Research Software

Research Software

Additional software features to aid with research and analysis.

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This software provides added capabilities for meeting the demands of a research environment including additional calibrating points, data processing, and analysis. The data can also be exported for extended analysis such as statistics and significance interpretations for foot function and gait assessments.

Research Software includes features such as:

  • Saving array data in ASCII format
  • Saving data as an *.avi (movie) file
  • Saving data as a *.jpg (image) file
  • External triggering (remote starting data capture from an external signal and enables synchronization with other data capture systems by sending an external signal)
  • Tile calibration, multi-point equilibration, tare, and two-point calibration
  • Additional graphs available with histogram display, x-axis with distance unit, and adjustable y-axis scale with minimum and maximum limits
  • Additional objects (Polygon) are also available for custom shaped boxes and irregular shaped objects (up to 12 boxes and lines available) providing for more detailed segmentation



Research software is available for the following systems: