The FlexiForce Sensor Characterization Kit provides engineers and designers with a baseline understanding of sensor performance before moving onto prototyping and advanced design stages. With the ability to apply controlled loading profiles, change circuit modules, calibrate sensors, this all-in-one kit is a major time-saver for anyone starting on the FlexiForce sensor integration process.

The FlexiForce Sensor Characterization Kit Contains:

  • (1) Desktop loading fixture
  • (1) Linear actuator / frame sub assembly
  • (1) Fixture board / base sub assembly
    • Arduino nano chip
    • Load cell (either 1 lb or 10 lb)
    • Circuit module slots
    • Module selection buttons & display
    • (2) Mounting screws
  • (3) Interchangeable analog circuit modules
    • Voltage divider, inverting op-amp, and non-inverting op-amp
  • (4) FlexiForce sensors*
  • (1) Quickstart guide
  • Open-source software
  • (1) 3-foot USB extension cable

FlexiForce Characterization Kit Components

*While the kit includes four FlexiForce A301 sensors, it can be used to test any other standard FlexiForce sensor except A101. Additional sensors are sold separately. Standard sensors are available in a variety of lengths and force ranges, and can also be customized to fit your product's needs. Note, if used with the HT201 or the ESS301 sensors, the electronics should be isolated from harsh environments.

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  • Desktop loading fixture allows users to apply controlled loading profiles to sensor and characterize performance.
  • Interchangeable analog circuit modules allows users to test and characterize the functionality of their FlexiForce sensors with ease.
  • Open-source software interface allows users to control loading, record sensor data, adjust sensitivity, and calibrate the sensor
  • Available in two loading varieties: 1 lb and 10 lb
  • Test and characterize FlexiForce sensors with the same methods used by Tekscan application engineers.
    • Be more confident in FlexiForce sensor performance as you proceed to prototyping and later design phases
  • Save time without having to build loading fixtures and circuitry from scratch.
  • Program custom loading profiles through the open-source software.

Additional Documentation

Download the FlexiForce Sensor Characterization Kit Datasheet

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