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Thursday, May 16, 2024

Tekscan Announces New Software Update for F-Scan GO, Enhancing Gait Analysis Capabilities


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Tekscan Announces New Software Update for F-Scan GO, Enhancing Gait Analysis Capabilities   

Norwood, MA. May 16, 2024 

Tekscan., a leader in gait analysis technology, is excited to announce a major software update to its newly launched F-Scan GO system. The update introduces the FootVIEW Pro software, a significant enhancement specifically designed to meet the diverse needs of clinicians and biomechanical researchers.

The recent launch of F-Scan GO has raised the bar for gait analysis with its high-resolution, dynamic pressure, force, and timing measurements that are crucial for analyzing foot function and overall gait. The new FootVIEW Pro software builds on this foundation with a modern interface and enhanced features that simplify data collection and analysis, making it easier than ever for professionals to derive meaningful insights from gait data.

Tailored Software and Adaptable Sensors for Diverse Needs

The FootVIEW Pro software update includes two configurations:

  1. FootVIEW for Clinicians: Focuses on streamlining patient assessments and orthotic design, featuring tools like peak pressure area identification and before-and-after comparison reports.
  2. FootVIEW Pro for Researchers: Provides detailed data analysis capabilities, supporting advanced research projects with up to 500 Hz data capture.

Both configurations work seamlessly with the F-Scan GO sensors, which boast up to 966 unique sensing points. This allows for the highest resolution in-shoe gait analysis available, ensuring precise data capture and superior analytical depth for both clinical and research applications.

A unique advantage of the F-Scan GO system is its ability to adapt to diverse patient needs. Unlike competitive systems, the F-Scan GO sensors can be custom cut to non-standard sizes to fit irregularly shaped feet, ensuring precise data capture and comfort for every patient. And the sensitivity adjustment software setting lets you dial in to collect the maximum data for any patient pressure range.

Unmatched Gait Analysis Technology

With the F-Scan GO system, powered by the new FootVIEW software, professionals in sports medicine, clinical practice, and research can enjoy:

  • The highest resolution sensors and fastest scan rates available in the market.
  • Enhanced in-shoe pressure distribution analysis and peak pressure data visualization.
  • Portable, cord-free design allowing for natural, unhindered movement assessments in real-world environments.

F-Scan Go complements the broad range of pressure measurement solutions offered by Tekscan’s Biomechanics division, including the MobileMat™ floormat and Strideway™ walkway system for measuring balance, gait, sway or insole pressure, as well as other body contact pressure distribution measurement solutions for seating, bedding, hand grip, and other applications. Tekscan pressure mapping sensors are also embedded into a wide range of other branded medical products such as the Dr. Scholl's® Custom Fit™ Orthotics Kiosks. 

“Medical applications for thin, flexible, high resolution pressure distribution sensing continue to grow globally, driven largely by wearable electronics and advances in software analytics such as machine learning,” states Tekscan CEO Dr. John Jutila. He adds, “At Tekscan’s TactileLab we are teaming up with technology and application partners from around the world to develop new solutions to support that growing demand.’

Upcoming Showcase at American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM)

Tekscan will be showcasing the enhanced F-Scan GO system at the upcoming ACSM conference in Boston from May 29-31. Attendees are invited to experience the system's capabilities firsthand and discuss their specific needs with the Tekscan team.

About Tekscan

Tekscan is committed to delivering innovative solutions that enhance understanding of biomechanics and improve patient outcomes. For more information about F-Scan GO and the new FootVIEW software, please visit tekscan.com/fscango.

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