Introduction to Tekscan TactileLab 

Welcome to the Tekscan TactileLab, Tekscan’s latest program designed to foster innovation in the field of tactile surface sensors. In the TactileLab, global customers, suppliers, innovation labs, and technology partners collaborate with Tekscan to develop novel solutions. 

tactile lab handOur Capabilities 

The TactileLab combines a broad spectrum of capabilities, structured to foster rapid development and innovation: 

  • Rapid Prototyping: Quick turnaround on new tactile sensor designs, moving swiftly from concept to prototype. 
  • Electronics & Signal Processing: Advanced packaging solutions and state-of-the-art signal processing to enhance sensor performance. 
  • Networking and Software Development: Robust networking capabilities paired with cutting-edge applications software development, tailored to meet diverse operational needs. 

Testing and Certification 

The TactileLab offers a full range of testing services, supported by an eco-system of external testing and regulatory certification partners. Our offerings include: 

  • Customized thermal and environmental testing to ensure durability and reliability. 
  • Force and pressure calibration to guarantee precision in measurements. 
  • Comprehensive software debugging to enhance system performance and user experience. 

From Lab to Fabrication 

Our unique 'lab to fab' approach enables a seamless transition from experimental prototypes to commercial production. This process leverages both in-house capabilities and our network of partner production facilities, ensuring a smooth scale-up to meet market demands. 

Engineering and Integration Support 

The TactileLab enables Tekscan to scale up its ongoing commitment to providing exceptional engineering and integration support. Our team offers resources for embedded sensor integration, supporting your journey from component prototyping and testing to volume manufacturing. 

Our ISO 13485 certified production and assembly facility is equipped to handle high-quality manufacturing needs, ensuring your project meets all regulatory standards and quality benchmarks. 

Get Involved 

Discover the endless possibilities with Tekscan TactileLab. Whether you're looking to innovate in tactile sensing technologies or integrate cutting-edge sensors into your products, we're here to support your goals. Contact us today to learn more about our capabilities, collaborate on a project, or schedule a demonstration of our technology. Let's redefine the future of tactile sensing together. 



I was looking for a thin, flexible film to measure force in my [medical] device; something that would not interfere with its size. We looked at some competing thin film force sensors but your FlexiForce™ product was more accurate in terms of feedback and linearity. The technical expertise and product quality were also important for us since we needed to get through the FDA approval process. I would recommend FlexiForce sensors to any design engineer who is looking to measure force feedback without compromising the size or weight of the device. 

-Hank Daniecki, RGD Technologies 

Tekscan came in for a demonstration, and within five minutes we were watching a live output from our system and our jaws hit the floor. It literally made the pressure sensitive film we had been using look like bear skins and knives. It was that much of a quantum leap improvement. The Tekscan system paid for itself in the first five minutes. We got almost priceless information from it. 

-Dave Otto, Former Senior Research Engineer, DuPont 

"The tire contact patch is markedly different on a curved drum compared to a flat surface. But by performing the measurements on our flat-belt tire test machine, we can accurately, repeatably and efficiently measure the contact patch in real-world situations. Thanks to this new jointly developed technology we can for the first time make the connection between contact patch behavior and real-world tire performance, which ultimately help our customers develop better tires.”  

-Mateo Gladstone, Director, Research & Development, Calspan