Gait Analysis Systems

Innovative pressure measurement technology provides unique insight on foot function and gait, helping you determine the root cause of problems in the lower extremities.

As gait issues can be indicative of underlying health problems, identifying and addressing abnormalities and asymmetries is of the utmost importance. Learn more about the importance of gait analysis. Tekscan's accurate and affordable computerized gait analysis systems are used by clinicians and researchers around the world to:

  • Identify and correct pathomechanical dysfunctions
  • Assess and improve athletic performance
  • Measure change after treatment
  • Ensure effective offloading to reduce plantar ulceration risk
  • Design new footwear products
Foot segmentation in gait analysis

Get actionable biomechanical data for gait analysis with our in-shoe or walkway based systems!


In-Shoe vs. Platform: Which System is Right For My Gait Analysis?

Several factors can weigh in on a decision between in-shoe and platform based gait technology. As both systems provide some similar insights, but each type of system also offers its own benefits.  Below are some factors to take into consideration before deciding on a system.

In-Shoe Gait Technology

Thin sensors inserted into the shoe allow you to see exactly what's happening to the foot during the stance phases of gait and activities.

Tekscan offers two in-shoe solutions depending upon your data collection needs.Tekscan offers two in-shoe solutions depending upon your data collection needs.


Platform Based Gait Technology

Modular gait platform can accommodate nearly any patient type and provides insights spatial parameters along with pressure, force and timing.

Strideway is our platform based gait analysis solution.Strideway is our platform based gait analysis solution.

  • Provides insights into how the foot is functioning inside the shoe

  • Test the effects of treatment with orthotics

  • Freedom of testing environment

  • Prevents targeting, where the subject alters their gait when walking on a mat

  • Allows for testing of orthotic/footwear effects

  • Clinical & advanced research solutions available

  • Provides spatial parameters for analysis like step length

  • Captures multi-sequential steps

  • Better understanding of foot and arch type through barefoot data collection

  • Easier to use with patients with walking aides

  • Modular platform allow additional length to be added to system at any time

  • Available in a variety of lengths to accommodate your needs, but does require space for the system to be set-up

Best in Class Gait Analysis Software

Tekscan's gait analyzers come with comprehensive software. Actionable gait information is displayed in a variety of ways including graphs, pressure profiles, tables or charts to allow for rapid identification and assessment of asymmetries, abnormalities or treatment effectiveness.

Tekscan's 3-Box approach automatically segments the foot into three regions for a more detailed analysis of how the foot is functioning during gait. Additional insights include Center of Force movement and progression, as well as Force vs. Time graphics.

Designed with both clinician and patient in mind, our software is easy-to-use and allows for quick comparison of pre/post-conditions to monitor treatment progression. 

Sample automated 3-Box report for patients from F-ScanSample automated 3-Box report for patients from F-Scan

Additional In-Shoe Software Features

  • Auto-generation reports aid in patient education and documentation of treatment
  • Easily compare pre/post trial with reports
  • Use real-time visual feedback of data as a training tool
  • Next generation FootVIEW advanced gait analysis software (For F-Scan GO only) 
Sample gait cycle data from StridewaySample gait cycle data from Strideway

Additional Strideway Software Features

  • Gait Cycle and Step-Stride tables provide individual data for each foot, and differences between the feet
  • Symmetry table provides a symmetry score (or index) between left and right sides (in %)
  • Differential Table provides comparative of differences between left and right sides

  • Evaluate timing insights for indications of underlying conditions or lack of bilateral symmetry

Feature-Packed, Gait Analysis Equipment

Tekscan's portable gait analysis systems are comprised of scanning electronics, software and sensors, and are available in a multitude of configurations.

Each system also provides the flexibility to synchronize with external equipment and other gait recognition technology, such as motion capture or EMG. Additionally, video can be synchronized (not available for F-Scan64 System) with the data to match patients' movements with the data displayed on the screen.

Finally, data can also be exported to Excel or ASCII for more detailed analysis tools.

F-Scan™ GO System

Advanced, high-resolution in-shoe system

F-Scan GO is our most comprehensive in-shoe gait analysis system.F-Scan GO is our most comprehensive in-shoe gait analysis system.

  • Highest sensor resolution and sampling rate for the most demanding research data
  • Trimmable sensors are ideal for those working a variety of patient types

F-Scan64™ System

 In-shoe system quick clinical insights

F-Scan64 is a cord-free system with Bluetooth connection.F-Scan64 is a cord-free system with Bluetooth connection.

  • Bluetooth connection means the system is completely cord-free
  • Pre-sized sensors allow for a quick set-up in three minutes

Strideway™ System

Modular platform system

Strideway is Tekscan's Gait Walkway Solution.Strideway is Tekscan's Gait Walkway Solution.

  • Modular platform allow additional length to be added to system at any time
  • Wide platform accommodates walkers and canes

Don't just take our word for it

[Tekscan's technology is] a tool to help me comprehensively evaluate specific walking patterns... I have a higher degree of certainty in the mechanics of my patient's gait!
- Dean Moore, DPM

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