Video: Three Easy Ways to Calibrate your Pressure Mapping System

Fast, Intuitive Calibration of your Tekscan Pressure Mapping System

Whether you're using I-Scan™, CrossDrive™, the Body Pressure Measurement System (BPMS™), or any other Tekscan pressure mapping system, all can be calibrated to correlate digital output to an engineering unit through one-of-three simple methods. This short video explains:



Additional Notes:

  • Depending on the needs of your application, one of these three methods may be more advantageous than the others.
  • Tekscan technology can be calibrated to measure in a variety of common force and pressure units.
    • Force units: grams, kilograms, newtons, knewtons, pounds, hpounds, and kpounds
    • Pressure units: PSI, HPSI, KPSI, Ka, N/cm2, MPa, g/cm2, kg/cm2, mmHg, millibar, Bar, Kbar, ATM
  • It is best practice to calibrate your system with the same interface materials that will be used in your application. Different interface materials, especially more compliant ones, can affect results. 

As always, our team of Applications Engineers and Technical Support professionals are standing by to provide additional clarification on calibration methods, and any other technical questions you have about Tekscan technology.

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