Video - A Demonstration of Modular Gait Analysis Technology to Help Identify Animal Lameness and Other Abnormalities

While animals lack the ability to speak a language, there’s a lot that can be learned about their health simply by observing their walk. Veterinarians and animal scientists are trained to identify visual clues of animal lameness, orthopedic disease, and other kinetic/kinematic traits that could signal trouble.

However, visual identification of gait abnormalities is only telling part of the story. There are certain nuances that can indicate potentially serious issues that may not be clear to the naked eye. Low-profile pressure-mapping walkways, like the Animal Strideway™ system, can become useful tools to tell the animal’s complete gait story.

In this video demonstration, Marshall Kendall, PhD., shares an in-depth demonstration into how veterinarians and researchers have used Animal Strideway to collect gait data on quadruped animals.

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This demonstration covers:

00:00 - Data collection period with a healthy dog

01:56 - How to Assign Paw Strikes in the Software

03:42 - Analyzing a Single Pass with Strike Boxes and Data Tables

04:52 - Analysis from the Gait Table to Calculate Gait Distance, Velocity, and More

05:32 - Analysis from the Stance-Stride Table

07:19 - Using "Patient Record" to Apply Animal Weight, and Calculate Max Force and Pressure

08:01 - Analysis from the Symmetry Table

10:26 - Using Graphs to Review Force Data

Would You be Interested in Learning More about Technologies for Animal Gait Studies?

In this webinar, Zoe Self Davies (BSc. (Hons), PhD, PGCHE, FHEA) will demonstrate different ways to use pressure mapping walkways for canine gait analysis, with principles that can apply to almost any quadruped or biped species.

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  • How pressure mapping technologies compare to force plates for veterinary applications
  • Recommendations and best practices for working with animals in these technologies
  • Real canine study results, including lameness evaluation, kinematic assessment, paw pressure profiling, and more!

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how to use strideway with animalsRegister for this webinar to see analysis from a real-world canine gait study.Register for this webinar to see analysis from a real-world canine gait study.



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