Become a Smarter Embedded Technology Shopper

The embedded technology investment includes several different direct and indirect costs beyond the sensor purchase itself. Direct costs refer to any money exchange to purchase technology or materials, while indirect costs refer to the time and expense associated with designing the technology into the product or device. Like anyone shopping with a budget, it’s important for design engineers to spot ways to save on the grander technology investment.

Tip #1: Take Advantage of Low Cost Evaluation Opportunities

First and foremost, it’s important to know if the technology is going to produce the desired results within your device design before going too far down the design-in process. To help keep these costs manageable, Tekscan offers a wide range of standard FlexiForce™ sensors from our online store.

All of our off-the-shelf standard sensors are available in four- and eight-packs, allowing design engineers to experiment with the technology without breaking the bank. Even if our standard sensors are not available in the exact shape or size of your application, keep in mind that our sensors can be trimmed or modified to suit your application’s needs.

Low-cost, low-volume standard sensors are just one of several ways FlexiForce touch sensors can help design engineers mediate costs. Download this free eBook to see how else this technology can help you design to spec, within budget, and within deadline:

Also, for a limited time, take advantage of even more savings with our 50% off Design & Tooling of custom FlexiForce touch sensors. Visit this link for more information.