The Dawson Academy Teaches with T-Scan

We are proud to collaborate with The Dawson Academy, as they have paved the way for dental continuing education groups over the last 50 years. With a curriculum that ranges in topics from dental occlusion to advanced cosmetic and restorative techniques, The Dawson Academy helps their students practice complete dentistry while making a positive impact on the lives of patients.

Dr. Drew Cobb hosts their online webinar, How to Successfully Diagnose and Treat TMD, where he makes excellent use of the T-ScanTM Digital Occlusal Analysis System. T-Scan provides accurate and actionable data that articulating paper cannot, giving you the ability to analyze and treat occlusion with confidence.

From The Dawson Academy website:

In order to effectively treat patients with TMD, we must first be able to accurately diagnose the root of their pain and then predictably treat them. Unfortunately, most dentists do not feel prepared or confident to do either. In this webinar, learn the difference between Occluso-Muscle, Intracapsular, and Orofacial Pain Related Disorders, when and how to use splint therapy for suspected TMJ disorders, how to approach TMD patients with restorative and aesthetic needs, and the importance of airway as a consideration in treatment.

How to Successfully Diagnose and Treat TMD is an online webinar available on-demand.

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