More Patients Are Seeking Out T-Scan Dentists

Over 1200 people in the United States have used our "Find a T-Scan Dentist" search tool in 2018 so far. That's an average of 140 per month, and that number is growing. These potential patients are actively seeking out dentists who have a T-Scan digital occlusal analysis system.

Fifty-five percent of these people searched up to a 100-mile radius. So, the majority of patients are willing to travel a significant distance to benefit from T-Scan technology.

As this information illustrates, occlusion is a serious issue. An imbalanced bite can lead to pain in the teeth, jaw, neck, and headaches. It can also lead to jaw-popping, broken teeth and implants, and difficulty sleeping. People are willing to seek out and travel to the practice that they believe can help them relieve this discomfort. So what makes T-Scan so important?

T-Scan is the only digital occlusal analysis system on the market that brings the bite to life by providing real-time data showing occlusal force and timing. T-Scan is used to guide treatment decisions based on bite problems identified by the software system. Breaking new ground with its latest v10 software release, the project was inspired by feedback from top T-Scan dentists around the world, as well as the latest technological innovations currently on the market.

The result is a new era of occlusion—one that takes into account the importance of chairside efficiency, intraoral workflows, and data integration.

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