Tekscan and The Dawson Academy

Tekscan and The Dawson AcademyWe are proud to collaborate with The Dawson Academy as they have paved the way for dental continuing education groups over the last 50 years. With a curriculum that ranges in topics from dental occlusion to advanced cosmetic and restorative techniques, The Dawson Academy helps their students practice complete dentistry while make a positive impact on the lives of patients.

The Dawson Academy sees T-Scan™ as a valuable digital occlusal analysis system that:

  • Facilitates patient communication and education
  • Gives them the ability to pinpoint interferences and quickly eliminate them
  • Saves time during equilibrations
  • Helps protect restorations and natural teeth
  • Ensures proper implant loading
  • Allows them to fine-tune orthotic devices accurately

To learn more about how The Dawson Academy recommends using T-Scan, read their T-Scan Protocol or download this flyer.

Once the use of T-Scan™ is incorporated into your daily routine, it will become an invaluable resource to help create and verify a healthy occlusal foundation for your patients.

- Dr. Andrew Cobb, DDS, The Dawson Academy Instructor