Tekscan and The Las Vegas Institute

Tekscan and LVIThe Las Vegas Institute (LVI) is a Tekscan partner with a commitment to advancing the field of dentistry.  Focusing on advanced technological equipment to make comprehensive dental assessments and treatment plans, LVI includes T-Scan™ in its core curriculum. Together, we make strides in improving the lives of patients and the professional development of dentists.  

The Las Vegas Institute recommends using T-Scan to:

  • Educate patients about occlusal problems using a visual display
  • See occlusal contact force and timing with 2D and 3D graphics
  • Enhance neuromuscular stability
  • Finish cases with a higher degree of accuracy by use of data
  • Reduce fractures and breakages on orthotics and prosthetics

To learn more about how LVI recommends using T-Scan, download the PDF:

LVI Recommended Use

Very seldom do I get a new piece of technology in my office and have it work so well in terms of explaining my treatments to patients. From a sell standpoint, it gets the job done. And from a technical standpoint, it gets the job done. If your brand involves quality and technology, this is something you've got to look into.”

- Dr. Brad Durham, DMD, LVIM