ELF Force Measurement Systems/Sensors

The ELF force measurement system is available with several hardware choices including standard, high speed, wireless, and multi-handle. B201 and WB201 (wireless) sensors are available for purchase in 4-packs and 8-packs.

If you already own a Multi-Handle ELF (MELF) system and you need to order additional handles for that system, please contact us. Tekscan also manufactures custom force sensors.

FlexiForce B201 Sensor

B201 Sensors have a patented tab interface and are designed exclusively for use with our ELF and High-Speed ELF Systems.

FlexiForce WB201 Force Sensor

WB201 sensors have a 3-pin termination, and are designed exclusively for use with the Wireless ELF System.

Force Measurement System

The ELF Force Measurement System is a complete load and force measurement system with multi-point sensing and high speed capabilities.

WELF Wireless Force Measurement System

The Wireless ELF 2 System is a user-friendly, cost-effective load measurement system, turning your PC or laptop into a complete force measurement instrument.

FlexiForce Wireless ELF Power Supply

The Wireless ELF Power Supply is an optional AC-to-DC adapter that powers your Wireless ELF Transmitter, minimizing the need to swap batteries. This is an optional component for the Wireless ELF and Multi-Handle Wireless ELF systems.