FlexiForce Electronics

FlexiForce Electronics

While many tools can be used to measure data from FlexiForce sensors, we highly recommend using the OEM Development Kit or the FlexiForce Quickstart Board. Both tools provide a constant voltage supply and linear data, making it easier to calibrate your sensor.

Measurement Tools

If you need help selecting the best measurement tool for your application, take a look at our comparison chart or contact us.

FlexiForce™ OEM Development Kit

For: Design, OEM, and Product Engineers

The OEM Development Kit allows you to capture proof-of-concept data that shows how FlexiForce™ sensors will behave in your product or application environment. The kit includes both analog and digital output.

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FlexiForce OEM Development Kit

FlexiForce Quickstart Board

For: Design, Lab, OEM, and Product Engineers

The FlexiForce Quickstart Board is a single source circuit that provides signal conditioning to the sensor and a linear voltage output with an applied load. It can be quickly dropped into a prototype or easily designed into a finished product.

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FlexiForce Quickstart Board

Build Your Own Electronics

If you prefer to build your own electronics, we recommend using a circuit similar to the diagram on the right. This will provide linear data, making it easier to calibrate the sensor.

Recommended Circuit

Standard Multimeter (not sold by Tekscan)

While standard multimeters can be used, most do not provide a constant voltage supply (which is recommended for FlexiForce sensors) and they are more difficult to calibrate compared to the tools above.

Standard Multimeter