Whether you're beginning characterizing your FlexiForce™ sensor for an application, or are into advanced stages of the integration process, these analog circuit modules are available to help you save time creating and debugging circuitry. All three plug-and-play circuits are compatible with both the FlexiForce Sensor Characterization Kit, and the FlexiForce Prototyping Kit

Voltage Divider Circuit ModuleVoltage Divider Circuit Module Inverting Op-Amp Circuit ModuleInverting Op-Amp Circuit Module Non-Inverting Op-Amp Circuit ModuleNon-Inverting Op-Amp Circuit Module
voltage divider diagram inverting op-amp diagram


Use The Analog Circuit Modules with your Own Electronics, or our OEM Development Products

Seeking baseline performance data of a FlexiForce Sensor?

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Are you heading into advanced stages of the FlexiForce sensor integration process?


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