Packaging: Gaining Insight Into Your Process With Pressure Mapping

Learn How to Validate Design and Manufacturing Processes Among Various Applications

Pressure Mapping technology provides the packaging industry with the tools necessary to gain the insight needed for various applications and processes.

Pressure Mapping technology helps engineers improve overall quality control in the production area and gives them insight into machine set-up. This data provides manufacturers with actionable data that helps to optimize the manufacturing process. 

This free eBook demonstrates the importance of interface pressure measurement and explores a variety of packaging applications including:


  • Sealing Jaw
  • High Temperature Sealing Bar
  • Bag Seal
  • Package Drop/Impact
  • Package Stacking
  • Ultrasonic Welding
  • Sealing Die Measurement
  • Tool Die Setup
  • Package Assembly
  • Blister Pack
  • Integrating Pressure Mapping into Packaging Machines

Tekscan systems can determine the effectiveness of your seal by testing the pressure produced by the clamp during the sealing process.

Pressure Mapping in Packaging Applications
The above images show before and after tests of the pressure output of sealing jaws. The before test shows weak pressure on the outside of the seal (left side). After review, adjustments were made, and then a second test was taken, which confirmed a more even seal.

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