Congratulations on Becoming a T-Scan Dentist!

Now that you’ve taken this first important step in adding a new piece of technology to your practice, you may be wondering - how can I begin promoting T-Scan to new and existing patients? 

This portal will be your go-to source for T-Scan related collaterial and information to:

  1. Educate patients on the value T-Scan brings to their treatment
  2. Use T-Scan to attract new patients
  3. Grow revenue for your practice

Patient-Education Materials

T-Scan is not just a clinical tool for you; it's equally impactful as an educational tool for patients. Using T-Scan to guide a conversation on the patient's bite leads to improved case acceptances, and more importantly, improved case outcomes. 

Our Patient Education Card is a simple takeaway piece you can have at your office. It provides a quick introduction into occlusion, and explains how T-Scan can help shed light on their discomfort or challenges relating to their bite.

Likewise, our Patient FAQ Flyer dives deeper into the most common questions patients have about T-Scan. This is another useful piece to have posted at your office. 


Promoting T-Scan to Your Channels

If you're interested in marketing T-Scan on your website or social media, here are some resources to help you get started!

Video Content

"What is T-Scan" General Purpose Video T-Scan Video for Patients T-Scan Video for Dentists
Download this Video Download this Video Download this Video

Social Media

We have a very active and growing patient & user following on social media, especially Facebook. Please be sure to connect with us if you are also on these channels. 

@DentalOcclusion @TekscanDental

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Generate Revenue and Grow Your Practice

T-Scan can be a revenue driver for your practice in many ways - from helping to validate your treatment decisions, to expanding your practice by being able to treat different and more complex cases. Check out these assets for tips and suggestions from other T-Scan users.

eBook: Why You Should Invest in T-Scan Article: Generate Revenue For your Practice, Right Out of the Box


Professional Development

Brush Up on Your Skills!

Our Regional Sales Managers have compiled a YouTube Playlist of T-Scan user tips. Whether you're in the early stages of collecting and interpreting data, or you're interested in learning how to link T-Scan Novus with other digital dentistry technologies (intraoral scanners, EMG technology, etc.), these videos are a great starting point. 

Continuing Education

T-Scan dentists have access to workshops, events, and continuing education opportunities.


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