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Patients today do their due diligence when selecting a dentist, especially when they're seeking treatment for a specific issue, such as occlusion. They use search engines and social media when choosing a dentist to care for their family, seeking out a unique feature, testimonial, or dental technology that sets a dentist apart.

In particular, digital dentistry tools have been shown to create an interesting drive for prospective patients, especially those patients with challenging conditions where traditional analog methods have failed them in the past. Patients appreciate dentists that offer a robust toolbox of treatment methods. This shows to them that the dentist takes education and technology seriously, which goes a long way in building trust and confidence. 

As many users will attest, T-Scan digital occlusal analysis technology has become a unique tool that has helped practices grow their revenue by solving complex bite challenges that other methods cannot. The instant visual feedback from T-Scan helps patients more clearly understand the root cause of their challenges, leading to greater case acceptances.

In fact, we at Tekscan receive over 200 inquiries a month from patients seeking T-Scan technology!

For Dr. Ben A. Sutter (DMD, FAGD, MICCMO, LVI), adding T-Scan to his workflow has generated greater than six-figures a year to his practice for these very reasons. This video explains more:



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