OEM Dev Kit

FlexiForce OEM Development Kit

The FlexiForce OEM Development Kit allows design engineers to economically obtain proof-of-concept data while determining how FlexiForce force sensors will behave within their product or application environment.

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FlexiForce™ OEM Development Kit

Enabling quick and easy testing, the OEM Development Kit is ideal for OEM design engineers looking to reduce the design and development time of embedded sensor products; getting them to market faster.  It is complete with a MicroView display, open-source software, and our FlexiForce™ Quickstart Board. The kit gathers analog data, easily calibrates it, and produces immediate force measurements. The included software enables users to calibrate, set data acquisition parameters, and record data for analysis within minutes. 

The OEM Development Kit contains:

(1) FlexiForce OEM Development Board

MicroView Module/USB Programmer Interface
QuickStart Board
Battery Clip

(2) FlexiForce Sensors*


(1) Flash Drive with Open-Source Code
(1) USB Extension Cable

OEM Development Kit

*While the kit includes two FlexiForce A201 sensors, it can be used to test any other standard FlexiForce sensor, sold separately. Standard sensors are available in a variety of lengths and force ranges, and can also be customized to fit your product's needs. Note, if used with the HT201 or the ESS301 sensors, the electronics should be isolated from harsh environments.

OEM Development Kit


  • Provides a cost-effective testing solution for OEMs
  • Immediate test results reduce product design and development time


  • Tare function allows for more accurate testing
  • Open-source software provides option of customization
  • Battery or USB-powered
  • Calibration (single-point or multi-point)

Watch the Video Below to See the OEM Development Kit in Action!