Silence the Critics with a Superior Measure of the Human Experience

Online shopping is a luxury that allows consumers access to a truly global marketplace. Naturally, with greater access to a world of goods, come greater opportunities for criticism.

Given the connected society we live in, products of all kinds live and die by the online customer review. Even though no individual’s experience with a product, device, or tool will necessarily be the same as the next, search engines, website reviews, and social media are incredibly powerful information outlets that can influence a world of consumers in an instant. Reviews like “the product was uncomfortable to wear,” or “it broke after a short time” are opportunities for design engineers to gain a competitive edge.

When it comes to analyzing how a human subject interacts with a product or device, or how a wearable product fits and protects the subject, pressure mapping technology can is an innovative R&D technology used to quantifiably measure the human experience. With ultra-thin and flexible sensors, and actionable digital analysis software, pressure mapping helps design engineers capture pressure contact data from nearly any individual, from virtually anywhere.

This free eBook highlights several different head-to-toe applications for pressure mapping technology, whether to improve the comfort or usability of a consumer good, or address key health & safety design challenges of protective equipment.

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