Insights From Around the Globe: Maximizing Vehicle Durability for Every Driving Environment

Success knows no borders when it comes to capturing pressure insights. "Insights Around the Globe" is our new periodic blog series featuring real-world application stories direct from Tekscan's global team of channel partners.

Our first installment in the series comes from John Guy of Stress Analysis Services (@sensorguy, His story involves a unique automotive application to assess vehicle durability in different types of driving environments:

John Guy, Managing Partner for SAS (Waterville, OH USA)When vehicles drive on gravel, stones are kicked up by the tires and impact the undercarriage. Over time this can wear/damage certain components, particularly anything made of plastic.

My customer had invested a lot of time in with a modeling company to address this need, but their predictions didn't correlate to the real world. Running components on-vehicle is impractical due to the time required to accumulate damage over the vehicle life, so they built a machine to simulate this wear in a lab environment. For this they needed an easy way to correlate and quantify the real-world VS the lab.

Enter I-Scan.

They purchased a VersaTek system, to record data on-vehicle, and compare that to the lab test to verify and tweak the machine. Going forward, components can be subjected to accelerated-testing in the machine, without having to be run on-vehicle, thus saving time and money.

- John Guy, Managing Partner of SAS (Waterville, OH USA)