Gait Lab Equipment: Complementing EMG with Pressure Mapping

If you follow our blog, you may have seen our recent post about how pressure mapping complements force measurement in gait analysis. That post explains how Tekscan’s systems can enhance other gait lab equipment with additional data.

Capturing something as complex as human movement or gait is difficult. It can be equally difficult to determine what technology suits your needs, and how to invest your budget. A gait lab can employ several different pieces of equipment—a force plate, a motion capture system, and maybe even EMG. Each of these tools has its own merit, and needs can vary depending on your area of focus.

To help further illustrate the benefits of pressure mapping technology in gait lab equipment, we compiled an eBook featuring real examples of research that used Tekscan systems to enhance their work.

Here is one example pulled straight from the eBook where Tekscan’s F-Scan in-shoe system is paired with an EMG system to evaluate ankle sprains…


To learn more about pressure mapping and how it can complement other gait lab equipment, download the full ebook here:


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