Solving Bite Challenges with T-Scan (ABC WMAR Baltimore Report)

As we’ve shared on this blog many times before: When patients are struggling with pain, there’s only so much that carbon articulating paper can do to identify the exact root cause, and solve their problem. With a clear method to identify both the position of force and the timing of the bite, T-Scan™ digital occlusal analysis technology is the objective method for dentists to measure dental occlusion.

Dr. Ray Becker (DDS, FAGD of Howard County Smiles in Ellicott City, MD) recently appeared on “Midday Maryland,” (ABC WMAR Baltimore, MD) to explain how a person’s bite can attribute to headaches and other pain.

Watch the Full Interview Below, Originally Aired on August 14, 2019



“Instead of carbon paper, which makes just a mark and shows history, [the T-Scan] device is a computerized device that you bite into and actually tells the amount of force, and the timing of the contacts in the mouth to let you see exactly how [the bite] comes together,” explains Dr. Becker. “[T-Scan] uses objectivity versus subjectivity.”

Dr. Becker is one of 19 industry-leading research and dentistry expert contributors to the recently released “Handbook of Research on Clinical Applications of Computerized Occlusal Analysis in Dental Medicine,” available for purchase today from IGI-Global.

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