Dr. Christian Coachman of Digital Smile Design Explains the Importance of Occlusal Measurement

Completing the Digital Smile Design (DSD) Storyline

Dr. Christian Coachman; Founder and CEO of DSDDr. Christian Coachman; Founder and CEO of DSDGiven the boom of digital innovations across the industry, dentists today have a growing arsenal of tools and methods to enhance how they care for patients, and earn their trust. It's one thing to explain to a patient how a treatment plan can change the functions and esthetics of their smile – it's another thing to show them their plan clearly, visually, and emotionally.

Dr. Christian Coachman, founder and CEO of DSD, has made it his life's work to use technology to engage and encourage patients that their ideal smile can become a reality. The DSD Workflow is Coachman's comprehensive timeline that begins with diagnosis, and ends with final restorative and treatment finalization. There are several touchpoints throughout this process that guide the patient across their journey to beautifully-formed, flawless, functional smile. 

How Does Occlusal Measurement Fit in to the DSD Workflow?

The simple answer to this question is, almost everywhere! However, it is not enough to just detect where occlusal contacts occur, which is the case with occlusal paper. To truly enhance the DSD Workflow, the dentist must also identify the load distribution (specifically, where the strongest and lightest contacts occur), and also the timeline of occlusal contacts. Only a digital occlusal measurement technology – like T-Scan – can provide these quantifiable details that make a huge difference in success of the DSD journey.

In this two-part video series, Coachman explains the many important ways T-Scan is used throughout the DSD Workflow, and also shares his own T-Scan Selfie to demonstrate the value and importance of occlusal detection in his program.

Tekscan and DSD are proud to be working to raise the bar in dental care by using digital technology to establish protocols that enhance patient communication, improve treatment outcomes, and deliver patients beautiful and functional smiles.

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