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Tekscan, Inc. in partnership with Digital Smile Design (DSD) is proud to be working toward raising the bar in dental care by using digital technology to establish protocols that will enhance patient communication, improve treatment outcomes and deliver patients beautiful and functional smiles.

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Combining innovative digital occlusion with smile design technology

Digital Smile Design (DSD) is a multipurpose conceptual protocol which provides a systematic approach for diagnosis, communication, treatment planning, execution, and case maintenance. T-Scan™ digital occlusal analysis technology is a key part of DSD's treatment protocol sequence. With T-Scan, DSD practitioners can reveal bite force and timing data in a visually engaging way, and then use this information to ensure a patient's bite is balanced and functioning harmoniously.

Providing a beautifully formed and flawlessly functional smile is the combined goal of Tekscan and Digital Smile Design.

T-Scan fits into 5 areas of the DSD holistic dentistry workflow:

Initial examination

Initial examination via extra-and-intraoral aesthetic and structural evaluation

Pre-treatment communication

Pre-treatment communication between the clinical team and patients by giving insight to esthetic form and function

Testing functionality

Testing functionality during the creation of provisional restorations

Performing occlusal adjustments

Performing occlusal adjustments during treatment finalization to ensure function and comfort

Tracking occlusal profile

Tracking occlusal profile for maintenance and longevity of the patient’s smile restoration

How T-Scan Helps Complete the DSD Storyline

Christian Coachman, DSD Founder and CEO, gives you his take on the value of using T-Scan throughout the DSD Concept.

Part 1: The T-Scan Workflow

Part 2: T-Scan in Action

Check out our T-Scan & DSD Smile Design Playlist on YouTube!

T-Scan Integration with DSDApp

Tekscan's T-Scan digital occlusal analysis tool is now integrated into the DSDApp. With the DSDApp, dentists can quickly create a smile design, along with a proper and correct patient documentation file.

Key Benefits:

  • Case management becomes much easier through the organization and storage of files; and when ready, case files, including valuable T-Scan data, are easily sent and shared with the DSD Planning Center.
  • DSDApp incorporated T-Scan into the App for the full purpose of improving patient communication and documentation.
  • Dentists can save and visualize the T-Scan bite recordings all within the DSDApp, bringing a whole new level of documentation that allows dentists to educate and motivate patients to accept treatment.

Listen to Dr. Marcela Cardona, a dentist and DSDApp instructor describe the benefits of utilizing T-Scan digital occlusal analysis during smile design and treatment planning.

Download this Real-World Example Showing how T-Scan and DSD Integrate to Solve a Complex Patient Case

From Smile Design to Function: A Case Report

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