fitness and sports sensors

Sports Sensors

Force sensors enable sports and fitness devices with real-time force feedback resulting in a smart, wearable device or monitoring system.

Force Sensors for Sports / Fitness

Sports and fitness devices designed with force sensors result in real-time, accurate monitoring devices that can measure both force feedback and pressure distribution. Our thin and flexible sensors allow for a non-intrusive design that can measure both small and large surface areas. The quantified feedback from the sensor technology creates a "smart" and reliable sports and fitness tool.

FlexiForce sensors integrated into shoe insoleFlexiForce sensors integrated into shoe insole Golf Grip Glove with FlexiForce SensorGolf Grip Glove with FlexiForce Sensor

FlexiForce™ Custom Force Sensors

Choosing FlexiForce™ for your embedded force sensor application carries a variety of advantages over the competition, including:

  • Superior linearity & accuracy (±3%)
  • Expert technical guidance in custom solutions
  • Wider range of forces
  • Sensor output is not a function of loading area
  • High temperature versions (up to 400°F) available
  • Custom sensors are 100% tested to ensure they meet agreed-upon specifications
  • We accept custom jobs with quantities as low as 1000 to as high as millions of sensors

To learn more about FlexiForce sensors and our custom capabilities, visit our Force Sensor Page

Our Expertise

Our experienced engineering team works closely with you throughout each stage of the design process to ensure the best sensor design for your application. For customers who need custom application software to complement their sensors, we team up with trusted partners to combine our expertise and develop complete specialized solutions.