Designing Machines with a Competitive Edge

Companies today prefer to invest in "smart" machines that produce quality product with minimal variation. This often involves purchasing a machine they trust, one designed to reliably perform to specification. Manufacturing engineers have more confidence in a machine that has a repeatable setup procedure that can create verifiable data for quality control records.

Integrating pressure mapping technology into a machine's user interface results in a superior design that:

  • Provides a competitive edge in the market
  • Streamlines machine alignment operations
  • Saves the end user's time, money, and resources

Two Unique Solutions, One Innovative Technology

Watch the video below to see how one machine manufacturing company solved two unique machine alignment challenges with pressure mapping technology.

The Path to Integration

While its roots are in R&D processes, pressure mapping technology has several applications to help OEM machine designers add value. Companies will typically follow a three-phase process in route to full integration.

Products & Solutions

Embedded Pressure Mapping Products

Depending on your place in the three-phase process to complete pressure mapping integration, there are different products or systems that are recommended to accomplish your needs.

Phase of Integration Product or System


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