Tekscan's Answer for a Scalable Pressure Mapping Configuration

PM64™ is a new basic pressure mapping scanning electronics module that supports the deployment of multiple pressure mapping systems for high-volume users and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

When utilized with Tekscan’s software Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), PM64 provides a cost-effective, scalable solution as a live feedback loop for inline Quality Assurance/Quality Control testing, or as an embedded feature within a machine’s user interface (U.I.). 

The PM64 Starter Kit includes:

* Existing I-Scan customers who would like to pursue a PM64 broad distribution do not need to purchase an extra software license.

pm64 electronics specs


The PM64 Process

The PM64 Starter Kit is your entry into the PM64 process. Taking advantage of the Pressure Mapping SDK allows you to create your own unique application to implement pressure mapping technology at larger scale.

After your first PM64 Starter Kit purchase, additional units will only include PM64 electronics, run-time licenses, and sensors. As more PM64 units are purchased, incremental volume pricing takes effect.


Begin with the PM64 Starter Kit

Familiarize yourself with pressure mapping technology.

Using the SDK, Develop Your Custom Software to Function in a .NET Framework

Take advantage of Tekscan's ease-of-use API to tailor your system for your specific application's needs.


Deploy Your Custom Pressure Mapping Application Across Multiple Locations

Incremental pricing model allows for cost-effective large-scale deployment of electronics with run-time licenses.

pm64 starter kit layout

PM64 Starter Kit Includes:

custom software application worldwide deployment

Looking to pressure mapping technology into your product or machine?

With Tekscan’s SDK an ease-of-use application programming interface (API), PM64 allows users to implement pressure mapping technology across several locations, and OEMs to more easily integration pressure mapping capabilities into their user interface. With this freedom, a customized .NET framework can be created to:

  • Get Data: Communicate with Tekscan data acquisition electronics
  • Record Data: Control acquisition parameters for saving data
  • Read Data: Access and read data from previously saved files

Two Unique Solutions, One Innovative Technology

Watch the video below to see how one machine manufacturing company solved two unique machine alignment challenges with pressure mapping technology.

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